Christa CrewdsonChrista Crewdson is a 15-year breast cancer survivor from Arlington and the 2016 New Balance survivor and Honorary Team Member.

Christa says she was shocked to hear the words "breast cancer" when she was diagnosed at just 32, having no family history of the disease. Christa, who teaches theater to middle school students, was determined to keep teaching through radiation, chemotherapy and two surgeries; and she did! She says she keeps in touch with many students who have thanked her for showing them what it meant to truly fight and persevere.

Perhaps the hardest part of her diagnosis was when Christa's doctors told her she would likely never have children after chemotherapy. But despite what her doctors said, Christa was blessed with her daughter Callie, whom she calls a true miracle.

Callie will Race beside her mom on April 9 in Boston, as she did last year.

Visit Christa's 2016 fundraising page